Free Waldorf School Melle

Action on 18 March 2022 – Peace celebration in the Waldorf School

On Friday last week, the school community met in front of the school building on Felsenkellerweg to commemorate the victims of the war in Ukraine and to set an example for peace.
From all sides, the students flocked to the sound of the peace song “Ruach” with burning tea lights in their hands and gathered around the Peace Sign, which had previously been used by students of the 7th/8th century. Class had been painted with chalk on the pavement.
After the tea lights had found their place, texts on the subject of “peace” were read aloud, the children from the 3rd/4th century. ==References== Two students from the class recited the poem “Fantasie von übermorgen” by Erich Kästner. The celebration ended with the canon “Dona nobis pacem“.

Text: L. Klöppel and A. Pelzer, photos: B. Künkel