Lets give our wishes for peace wings and participate
in our 10,000 crane challenge!

3276 cranes folded

3,276 cranes
10,000 cranes

Solidarity with Ukraine and Peace for the World

On March 11th, 2022 at 11:30 o'clock the Peace Network Waldorf has begun to stretch over Europe.

All Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens, Waldorf colleges, Waldorf institutions and Waldorf friends are called upon to organize themselves independently and proactively in their city for peace.

This website should be the common window to the world, in which the network becomes visible. What you can do, how you can organize yourself and what there is to consider you will learn here on this page.


All anthroposophically active people and all Waldorf institutions organize themselves in their respective places.

These are in particular: Schools, kindergartens, colleges, clinics, and other anthroposophical institutions.


Not only in Japanese culture cranes are considered a symbol of happiness and peace in the world. According to the legend, the person who manages to fold 1,000 cranes has one wish free.

We would like to "inspire" the Waldorf Peace Network until Easter and hope that it will be carried by as many paper cranes as possible! Can we create the 10,000 cranes together?!

What for

The Waldorf community takes its responsibility for and in society seriously. It is meant to be a common appeal for peaceful coexistence in our world. An appeal that supports the worldwide call of people for peace.


Because we are many!
Because we live community!
Because we need peace
and because every brave deed and every peaceful thought helps - stretch a peace network with us!


Sign up, fold, and send us your material!

About us

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